Two Rivers School Framing the Future Gala & Auction

March 25
Children and parents at Two Rivers Public Charter School spent a rainy afternoon creating boats, sea monsters, and space ships for a collaborative art project with local DC artist Dot Procter. Procter helped the group design, draw, and cut out boats that could be added to a map of the city. Of course, not everyone wanted their boat to stay on the water, and a few “space boats” added dimension to this exciting work of art.
You can see the final piece at the annual Framing the Future Gala & Auction, where it will be auctioned off to help support the Two Rivers Arts Program. Join them at the Gala on March 25 to experience the school’s high-quality Arts Program firsthand through student performances and art. You can also enjoy the culinary arts through food and drinks from local businesses, and get loud with live music and a DJ. To learn more, visit to buy your tickets or sponsorship.

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