How to Handle Spring Bees, Swarms

DC Beekeepers Can Safely Re-Home Bees

Bees in DC. (Photo: Christine Rushton)

Spring has launched on the Hill and so has the season for flowers, bugs and bees. Dealing with swarms or colonies of bees on the Hill may seem dangerous, but services on the Hill help safely handle the bees.

Swarms of bees mean a group of hundreds or thousands of nest-less bees that need a new place to inhabit during pollination season, according to DC Bee Keepers. Bees remain vital to the pollination and growth process in environments in DC and beyond, so beekeepers like DC Bee Keepers have methods to capture and resettle bee swarms instead of killing them.

But if you find bees inside your home, garage, shed or hollow tree, beekeepers can also help solve that problem.

“We want to catch them and give them the homes they are looking for,” DC Beekeepers states on its website. “When we do, they have a chance to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable future for urban honey bees as we ensure that their genes are replicated into follow on generations.”

In the case of wasps, it can actually help pest problems, like tent caterpillars, if you leave their nests alone. Wasps won’t attack unless humans get too close — if the nest is in a public place, though, the DC Department of Health’s Pest Control will remove the nest.

In DC you can also call 202-255-4318, email or tweet @DCBeekeepers for help determining your bee problem and a possible solution. To learn more about bees or beekeeping, you can also visit

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