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September 5th, 2012

Dear Garden Lady

May I offer readers something I learned the hard way: plant Nasturtium seeds in September! For years I have planted Nasturtiums in May and June, but they never thrived. Last year, thinking it likely that our summer heat does them in, I planted Nasturtiums in September. By mid October I had healthy, blooming Nasturtiums in their vivid oranges, yellows and crimson lasting all fall.

Thanks for the tip. Nasturtiums have big seeds that sprout and grow quickly. The flowers are tasty, too.

Touching third and heading home

E on DC



Scandal Management 101

The District Beat

It’s September, and Mayor Vince Gray is still mayor.

While in any normal context that might not seem like that surprising an accomplishment, it was only two months ago that two indictments and extensive revelations of a $653,000 shadow campaign in 2010 put his tenure on the thinnest of ice. Rumors abounded of a possible resignation, and even Gray’s staunchest supporters seemed on the verge of fleeing: according to a Washington Post poll, if the election were held again today, former Mayor Adrian Fenty would trounce Gray by a two-to-one margin.

Welcome DCYOP’s New Executive Director!

Joshua Simonds was selected as the new executive director of the DC Youth Orchestra (DCYOP) by its Board in May, and he uprooted his family from downtown Chicago for the opportunity. Simonds is planning to implement changes in this long-standing, successful program – not any key changes, but fine tuning here and there.

Capitol Hill, Meet Joshua Simonds

The Capitol Hill Hotel

A Great Solution to Hosting Guests

The sunburns have barely faded and there’s still sand in the car, but already it’s time to start thinking about the approaching holidays; Thanksgiving is around the corner! Do you always travel because your Capitol Hill home is not quite roomy enough to host family? Do you host them anyway? Maybe you ought to review your options for a travel-free, houseguest-free, best holiday ever!

Celebrate 2012 Barracks Row Fall Festival on Capitol Hill

Barracks Row

Barracks Row Fall Festival, hosted by Barracks Row Main Street, is a celebration of our beguiling, 212-year-old neighborhood. There is no entry fee and we invite everyone’s participation.  On September 22 arrive at Eastern Market metro plaza and stroll our three block midway; you’ll be impressed and proud to be a citizen of Capitol Hill and The District.

Art in the City

Artist Profile: Francie Trainor

Francie Trainor reaches behind the surface appearances of our daily experiences to the web of connecting fibers—the subsurface of the reality that holds it all together.