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October 23rd, 2012

EMCCA Releases ANC Voter Guide

The Eastern Market Metro Community Association (EMMCA) has released a Guide to the ANC 6B's 2012 elections. The Guide includes a helpful map of Single Member Districts that makes it easy to find candidates for a particular area.

Each candidate provided written answers to four questions and was allowed a short introduction.

Here is the Guide.

Art for your Kitchen Table

An interview with Dan Finnegan, Curator of the Hill Center’s Upcoming Pottery Show

October 17th

EOTR - The Densification of Waterfront Metro

South by West

The Densification of Waterfront Metro

October 15th

Waiting to Inhale

The Nose

The Nose loves a good political cat fight. A few choice four-letter expletives, a heated televised throw down, and the words simply pour from this scribbler's fingers. So, it is with glee that The Nose turned on a recent episode of NewsTalk with Bruce DePuyt to listen to an angry, defensive Councilmember At-Large Michael 'Really That' Brown.

Eagle Academy: Soaring to New Heights

October 11th

Wines for The Fall: What to Drink While the Leaves Are Changing

The Wine Guys

Making Obamacare Happen in DC: Key Steps Ahead

The Numbers

Health care reform is not a new thing for the District. For more than a decade, our city has been in the forefront of innovative health care policies. The city provides health insurance to a broad range of families with children, and it created the DC Healthcare Alliance to offer locally funded health care coverage for our low-income neighbors who don’t qualify for programs such as Medicaid.

Is Anacostia the Next H Street?

The Man from Anacostia

Is Anacostia the next H Street? I have heard the reference to H Street a couple of times and it makes me ask the question, What is the vision for the greater Anacostia community? What does the future hold?  There are a lot of opinions but no consensus.