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March 1st, 2013

The International Pet

Moving your pet abroad is sometimes complicated

International travel is a fact of life for many on Capitol Hill. Whether it’s for the State Department, the Armed Forces, or just for personal reasons, moving overseas also means bringing our pets along. And this can be surprisingly complicated. Sometimes it takes more paperwork to bring a pet into a country than a person!  Hopefully I can provide some helpful tips to make this experience a little less stressful.

ANC 6A Report

Commissioners Go Easy on Historic Preservation

ANC 6C Report

Three candidates for the Alcoholic Beverage Committee were nominated and unanimously approved.  Micha Levin, Tom Vincent and Drew Courtney are now members of this Committee.

ANC 6B Report

Discussion at the February ANC 6B meeting ranged from low to lofty, with complaints about rats and roof lines adding controversy to an otherwise uneventful meeting. All commissioners were present.

Rats, Restaurants and Residents

The April 23 Special Election Primer

The District Beat

If you're feeling a little electoral fatigue, we hate to break it to you: there's another election coming on April 23. On that day, DC residents from across the city will choose the new At-Large councilmember to fill the seat once held by DC Council Chair Phil Mendelson, now occupied on an interim basis by Councilmember Anita Bonds (D-At Large).

Baseball Season Begins Again

E on DC

Next month the season of baseball begins again. DC will be a city with great expectations. Can we shake off those weary blues from the last game The Nationals played? Do you recall how loud the silence was in the ball park? Cardinals dancing on our field like vultures plucking out our hearts.

Now we are about to march back into April. It’s a year in which no names will be voted into the hall of fame. Our nation went from junk bonds to Barry Bonds. What’s next?

High Hopes as a Medical Marijuana Facilities Opens on the Hill

Metropolitan Wellness Center (MWC) is one of only four DC Department of Health (DOH) medical marijuana dispensaries currently authorized to operate in the District. MWC is located on the second floor of 409 block of 8th St SE next door to Popeye’s.  Vanessa West works for MWC, and in mid February, I spent a fascinating hour listening to her explain how medical marijuana will work in the District, and the challenges that dispensaries are facing just to open their doors

The Little Tax Credit That Could

Using the Tax Code to Help Residents in Gentrifying Neighborhoods

Imagine walking down H Street, NE, on your way to a restaurant that just opened, passing new housing under construction along the way. For many us that image generates mixed feelings: excitement about the new housing and retail options but also concern about what the changes will mean for the low- and moderate-income residents who have been living there for years.