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June 15th, 2017

The Literary Hill - June 2017

No “I” in Team

“In the early years of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts,” writes Chris Fussell, “we were trying to defeat a twenty-first century threat with a twentieth-century playbook.” A lumbering, top-down military was pitted against Al Qaeda, an organization with a decentralized, tech-savvy network that could move with speed and agility. Clearly, changes were needed.

Remembering Charnice A. Milton, the District Journalist

I've been pretty overwhelmed with grief, the past month, over the two-year memorial of the passing of our sister-in-arms Charnice Milton. She was not my blood, but she was my kinfolk. She was my fellow journalist.

At times overcome with emotion, I've called Rev. Oliver “OJ” Johnson, my dear and longtime friend. His comforting words for me and all those grieving are to remember that Milton served God and was able to live and follow her dream in becoming a journalist.

June 14th

DDOT Works to Reduce Traffic Congestion at Chick-Fil-A

Representative Visits ANC 6A to Describe Measures Being Taken



Arrest Made in Armed Carjacking

Crime Blotter: June 13

Police arrested a man Tuesday morning on changes of armed carjacking. Police located the suspect in the 100 block of 19th Street SE and arrested him at 11:33 that morning. The carjacking was reported the night of April 21, 2017 in the 300 block of O Street SW. A man making a food delivery was approached by a total of twelve people who were led by two men. According to police reports, one of the two men placed a cold metal object to the driver’s neck and ordered him to get on the ground.

The Blotter is based on the reports posted on June 13, 2017 by the MPD to the 1D Listserv and 5D Listserv.

Art and the City - June 2017

Artist Profile: Suzanne Vigil

Be careful. Don’t look at it for too long or you’ll be a captive of its seemingly innocent charm. Resist its enchantment or you’ll be its prisoner, interwoven in a mystery of implications. 

Suzanne Vigil’s pure artistry, her mastery of drawing and color, is by itself enough to pull you into the vortex with all its sly suggestions…but the endless possibilities of meaning will keep you there, even after you turn away.

Shaw Streets - June 2017

Carter G. Woodson Home Tours Start

The National Park Service has finally opened the Carter G. Woodson Home, the residence and office of the father of African-American History at 1538 Ninth St. NW, for regular tours. Starting May 27, interpretive tours will be given every Saturday and Sunday, six times a day. Each tour, which covers the first, second, and third floors of the house, lasts about 30 minutes and is limited to 10 people.

Sir Winston: An Intensive Study of the Great Man in Crisis

At the Movies


As one of the singular personages of the 20th Century, Winston Churchill—especially after his death in 1965—has been appropriately featured in popular entertainment.  As master politician and statesman, as noted orator and author, as wartime hero and worldly sage—as a generally outsized figure--Winnie was a natural to be depicted in film and television shows on British history.

Hill resident Mike Canning has written on movies for the Hill Rag since 1993 and is a member of the Washington Area Film Critics Association. He is the author of “Hollywood on the Potomac: How the Movies View Washington, DC.” His reviews and writings on film can be found online at

We Don’t Need Hating on Shaw

New Book On Shaw Claims A Reality That Doesn’t Exist

“Some neighborhood newcomers are looking for authentic experiences based on their expectations that inner-city Black areas are dangerous and exciting … Real estate developers and commercial businesses have tapped into this valued ‘edge living’ commodity and are selling it for a premium to those who can afford it … It seemed that the neighborhood violence gave some newcomers to the area bragging rights and something interesting to talk about at parties.”

Alexander M. Padro has represented central Shaw as an advisory neighborhood commissioner since 2001 and has served as executive director of Shaw Main Streets since 2004.