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June 19th, 2017

Building Up DC’s Local Entrepreneurs

New Accelerator and Incubator Work to Close the Income Inequality Gap

Entrepreneurs seeking support opportunities for their small business in DC can now add two new resources to the list: the Ascend Capital Accelerator and the In3 Incubator.

Both programs align with the city’s and Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Pathways to Inclusion plan to support the growth of local businesses and entrepreneurs across the District, especially for minorities, women, and those living in underserved communities.

June 17th

The Historic Masonry Construction of Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is a neighborhood built with brick.  Almost every street is lined with colorful row homes built about 100 years ago.  Though most brick row homes look similar, these buildings were designed and constructed by various builders and architects and there are unique differences between the buildings.

For more information about historic masonry common in Capitol Hill go to local contractor GL Barnhart Construction’s website:  This article was written by Gary Barnhart with help from Miles Curran of the GL Barnhart team.

Maple View Flats Looks to Bring ‘Class A’ Retail Space?

From its headquarters at the corner of Good Hope Road and Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, in the heart of Anacostia’s historic downtown, the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) emanates public policy decisions that will unquestionably have a transformative impact on the neighborhood’s near and long-term future.

DC Bureaucracy Threatens Methadone Treatments

Christina Smith has been through hell. At age 21, she began taking prescription painkillers after suffering from common injuries such as back pain and toothaches. When the prescriptions ran out, she began looking to the streets for relief. A couple of years later, she found it in heroin.

Candace Y.A. Montague is the health reporter for Capital Community News.

Frager’s Joins ‘A Few Good Hardware Stores’

New Ownership for the Iconic Hardware Store

Nearly 100 years ago, a man named Fritz “Frank” Frager got laid off from work at the Navy Yard in DC. It was the end of World War One. But instead of trying to find another job, he decided to put what money he had toward opening a local hardware store on Capitol Hill—Frager’s Hardware.

June 16th

Councilmember White Describes His Work on 2018 Budget to ANC 6C

First-Year Councilmember Says Three of His Four Items Received Funding

Councilmember Robert C. White, Jr. (I-At Large) appeared before the June meeting of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6C to discuss the work he has done on the District Budget for the 2018 Fiscal Year.

The Salt Line is a Beautiful Scene

New Restaurant on the Waterfront Combines a New England Menu with DC Vistas

It is a spectacular setting. The Salt Line (79 Potomac Ave. SE) sits right on Diamond Teague Park, between Nationals Park and the Anacostia River.

Bring Your Vet a Fecal Sample

The District Vet

“And please remember to bring a fecal sample.” Whenever a client schedules a wellness or sick pet visit, our front staff requests they bring a fresh stool sample. We are not fascinated by your pet’s poop, per se, but are concerned about your pet’s well-being and the potential for transmission of parasites to people. That being said, we are routinely amused by the containers in which people bring us their sample. 

Hill resident Dan Teich, DVM, practices at District Veterinary Hospital, 3748 10th St. NE,