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March 20th, 2017

Allen Talks Rats, Missing Teens, YRA Review with ANC 6B

Notes from the March Meeting

Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6B started its March 14 meeting with a series of updates from Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen. Here's a rundown of the key discussion points.

Council Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety

March 19th

Magic Spring

Death's not the victor, after all;

          the equinox comes as a scold; 

Life cracks the ground in shades of green,

          throws off the lethargy of cold,

And wakesand grows from fertile seeds,

          aroused from dormant winter's night

When dark was tantamount to death

          and hope lay idle, out of sight.

A Hill resident, the author believes that the appreciation of art should not be influenced by the vagaries or prejudices of biography.

March 18th

Beware the Tiny Hitchhikers

How to Handle Bed Bug Infestations

Creeping, crawling, feeding under the covers of night. They move in swiftly, only to retreat soon after to the safety of cracks and crevices. They’re called bed bugs.

At least two DC Public Schools (DCPS) buildings have reported incidents of bed bugs in the last two months: Savoy Elementary School (2400 Shannon Place SE) and Miner Elementary School (601 15th St. NE). Savoy closed in early February because of the problem. Miner remains open.

Stress relief while building your inner worrier

Let’s Get Physical

Are you looking for some stress relief? Maybe you would like to incorporate more physical activity into your regimen? At Samurai Training Academy you can reap the benefits of both stress relief and physical activity, getting two birds with one stone. Learning and improving your martial arts skills in karate, jujitsu, and sword can help enhance your physical strength and your mental focus and calmness too.

Stacy Peterson, MS, CSCS, CHHC, is a functional nutrition educator, holistic health coach, and strength and conditioning coach practicing whole-foods nutrition and physical training for individuals of all ages and activities on the Hill. She offers an integrative aspect to everyone’s healthcare and performance team. For recipes and nutrition and exercise tips sign up for the monthly newsletter at To see how we can help you achieve your health and/or fitness goals contact Acceleration Sports by emailing stacy@accelerationsports.netor calling 805-704-7193.  

Hot Yoga

Expanded programs and a community connection

Eleven years ago I wrote about the newly opened Bikram Yoga Studio on H Street NE. Bikram Yoga was the latest craze that migrated here from the west coast. The classes were hot (105 degrees) and crowded with sparsely-clad yogis. I struggled throughthe 26 Hatha yoga postures and two breathing exercises feeling elated that I completed the class without passing out. No matter which class one attended participants were guaranteed to get the same postures in the same order every time.

Pattie Cinelli is a holistic personal trainer who has been writing her columns on leading edge health and fitness topics and practitioners for more than 25 years. Email her questions or comments to:

You’re Gonna Eat That?

Home Gardening Woes East of the River

“What are you doing there in that dirt? Never seen a sista getting all dirty like that before.” Points at the basil: “What is that? What do you do with it? Is it a weed?” 

“No, it’s hibiscus and I use it in salads for its light, sweet yet tart leaves.”

The Wynter Gardener, Jessica Wynter Martin, is a Deanwood resident and an avid urban gardener. She works tirelessly to bring about greater food access and education throughout the east river community.Send your questions, comments, and suggestions to the Wynter Gardener at

March 17th

Next Step for Virginia Avenue Park: Funding

ANC 6B Votes to Support the Redesign, Move Forward

Neighbors around the Virginia Avenue Park in Southeast may soon get a newly designed space with a community garden, dog park and open green area. Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (ANC) 6B voted March 14 to support a redesign of the park located mainly north of Interstate 695 between Ninth and 11th Streets SE, which commissioners hope starts following the completion of the CSX Virginia Avenue Tunnel project.

Bloomingdale Gets in Shape

Health and Fitness

“We were looking for an opportunity to have a health focus in the neighborhood. There are some resources out there, but they’re not together in one place. This is a great opportunity for people with health-focused goals to come together.”

Bloomingdale Civic Association (BCA) President Teri Janine Quinn offered those words to a dozen locals who gathered at Bloomingdale’s Big Bear Cafe at the Feb. 13 inaugural meeting of the Bloomingdale Health and Fitness Committee.

Max Moline is a communications specialist living in DC. He frequents Nationals Park and enjoys writing about food as much as he does eating it. He’s always looking for new places to try. Rooftops and cigar lounges are a plus! Get in touch:; @MaxMoline425.